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Life, Liberty, and Property
(100% Fruit of Labor)

The purpose of government is to protect Life, Liberty and Property.  If property is 100% Fruit of Labor in a new economy (non-profit value motivation) then the whole socio-economic ecosystem can be sustainable.  Profit taking is the culprit of greed and a failing system, not Capitalism itself.  When greed (profit taking) is removed from Capitalism it operates naturally and regeneratively.  This is not possible in profit motivated capitalism.  Value motivation is regenerative and a natural system when profit taking is removed and value is incentivised over profits.  

This is easily achieved in the Social Value Platform where there is an easy way to value collaboration, cooperation, and leasing property to the platform.  Capital Gains are generated when value builds over time as the platform grows.  A value equation takes capital and property that are brought into the system and turns them in to capital gains.  It is the perfect economy.  

Every dollar that comes in to the system is used to purchase raw materials