Let’s clarify something…

Excerpt Taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax_protester_constitutional_arguments

I found some of these statements to be very misleading.


Due Process Clause

[Tax] Protesters argue that the income tax violates the Fifth Amendment right that no person shall be “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”.[4] However, people can be deprived of life, liberty, or property with due process of law — this is what the courts do.[8] Legal commentator Daniel B. Evans describes:

Every time a court finds a defendant guilty, the court has deprived the defendant of life or liberty, and every time a court rules in favor of a plaintiff or defendant, the court has deprived either the plaintiff or the defendant of some property. So saying that a court has deprived someone of life, liberty, or property is not particularly interesting unless you can explain exactly what the court did (or did not do) that deprived that particular someone of due process.

We can all prove that we did not receive 100% Fruit of Labor (Property) from our work.  If the court was to weight in on a labor or taxation dispute then sure we could all rightfully claim that the court deprived us of due process if they did not remedy our property rights.  I think the meaning of the word “without” means inclusive of due process.  So, I do not see the relevance of this.

Similarly, the general proposition that every man has the right to his own labor does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that the government cannot tax the “common right” of labor. If the government could never impose a tax that took away someone’s rights to their property, then the government could never tax anyone for anything. So the claim that a tax deprives someone of “property” or a “right” is pretty much meaningless.[8]

After 9/24/2017 we now know that this above statement is not true.  The government was established by us to protect our 100% Right to Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor).  The government is granted by us to Tax those that eat the fruit of others through sales, income and property taxes, etc.  The citizen that chooses to earn and keep 100% Fruit of Labor is free from all Regressive (Progressive by nature) taxes.  The government is Taxed with the responsibility of defending our natural rights and we dutifully pay them with Capital Gain taxes for their service to our country.

So, yes the government can still bring in revenue through Capital Gains taxes and not touch any Fruit of Labor (Property).

Capital Gains Tax is the “new” Tariff tax equivalent that helped build our country before income taxes were constitutional. 

Stop taxing the people that work and continue fining the people that steal from others. We don’t even have to change any laws to make this happen.  We just need to join an Altruist Society.  We will all see a prosperous future with this economic boondoggle.  Let’s all learn about our rights to 100% Fruit of Labor before it is too late.  There are organizations and governments right now working on mandatory or free from labor income checks that are going to be sent to every citizen in the future.

This is not the answer.  Social Altruism through 100% Property rights is the answer.  Our forefathers gave us the laws to protect our rights. You can keep 100% of what you earn and not lose your Individualism through collectivist socialism (1.0) or from the extractive nature of Capitalism (1.0).

Utilizing a Capitalism (Evolved) SOCIALMARKET economy we can all have the freedom to pursue happiness.